Benchmark offer training in safety management and assistance in planning policy programme of training and supervision. Such training is provided by Health & Safety professionals with many years field and management experience.


The delivery of information, the stirring of imagination and giving conviction to sincerity all require methods and situations that will win hearts and minds. The Human Factors of learning are as real in the training scenario as in operations, and are just as influential in the safety and health of personnel in the workplace. Just delivering information is not enough.

Active participation by candidates is essential. Most have considerable input to give from their own experience, many have enthusiasms that are infectious, and some have attitudes that can be discussed.

Only in this manner can the instructors make an assessment of the effectiveness of their communications. Only by spending time together can hearts and minds be known. Certificates are issued on participation, not attendance.

Ability to interact in a team is an important skill to develop and maintain.

Short courses to influence mind-set have to be effective. Participation is essential to establish ownership of concepts and identify responsibility.