The broad spectrum of skills represented in consultants working with Benchmark cover many of the requirements for establishing renewable energies and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies needed to improve the natural balance of the Earth’s atmosphere.


Project management, logistics, sub-surface data acquisition, processing and interpretation QC, site surveys, positioning control, environmental oversight and planning, Marine Mammal Observations, GIS data management, pipeline data management, and HSE skills are all required. The Consultants who work through Benchmark are all career experienced specialists qualified by years of challenges and training within the global energy industry.


Developing, combining, joining, and balancing all of the energy sources and associated infrastructure whilst understanding the distribution psychology to serve domestic, commercial and industrial needs for the future will take significant political will, determination, and also understanding. Providing a technical foundation for that collaboration within the energy mix is a pre-requisite if there is to be any success.

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