Knowledge of the shape and physics of the earth has progressed from rudimentary knowledge of our immediate surroundings to a galactic mathematical art. For the purposes of our industry we have moved from measuring the immediate locations of potential hydro carbon reserves to sponsoring and leading the most modern technology in optical, electronic, acoustic and global satellite technology.

As the early efforts accelerated into the industrial age so the foundations of modern surveying were laid.

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Exceptional optical device quality was followed by new technology in acoustics and laser provided new ranging and angle reading options. Then suddenly, we were in space and able to visualise the mathematics of our geodetic artists.

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Quality Control of survey, navigation and positioning and the associated geodetic controls is far more complex today and all the more necessary. Placing a well in the correct location can be the single factor in success or failure. It can also be the largest factor in determining the size of success; the efficiency of hydrocarbons extraction - the percentage of reserve that can be effectively lifted to the surface.

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