Health & Safety

Health and Safety in geophysical operations is specialised, just as it is in other industries. However, the scope of activities in our industry is extreme and the innovative potential of personnel involved equally so. The QC of Health and Safety in geophysical operations requires the experience of career knowledge combined with up to date health and safety understanding and best practice.

The geophysical industry has recognised the need to provide guidance for its own unique challenges and the collaboration between international contractors and Oil and Gas companies through their trade associations represents leading initiative and example in that regard.

Ever improving statistical analysis and incident investigation is providing a constantly improving foundation for implementing the hierarchy of controls  and developing proactive leading indicators when planning operations. Client Site Representatives contribute a significant constant to the industry in maintaining and distributing learning with regard to experience and best practice. That is added value in front loading on a project to ensure delivery of good product:

  • In time
  • In budget
  • Without vehicle incidents or failures
  • Without harm to any persons
  • And no damage to the environment 

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