Our Industry and the Planet

 Environment Damage

The oil and gas industry believes that species protection and economic development has to coexist and looks to utilising a balanced, protective, risk-based approach that ensures care of the oceans for all interests.

The oil and gas industry recognises the environment that we all work in and our responsibility to maintain and improve it, and set that example for future generations. This is not just an industry attitude, but one that is held by all the individuals working in this industry.


The oil and gas industry is proactive in its attitude toward the environment and provides exceptional example of good stewardship by:

  • Sponsor and develop accurate scientific evidence of the effects of our industry activities on the oceans.
  • Continue to seek full scientific understanding of the impacts of our operations on marine life.
  • Implement mitigation measures that minimise our contribution to ocean noise 
  • Recognise critical activities of ocean species such as breeding, calving, nursing and resting.
  • Research and respond to knowledge regarding unique areas for specific activities of certain species for which there are no alternate areas  
  • Respect marine mammals migration routes or corridors and understand that alternate routes or corridors may not exist or possibly represent substantially greater physical effort to those mammals.