Seismic data recording has been with us for over a century, before it became commercially developed for geological and geophysical surveying.

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QC of data acquisition in the 21st century is vastly different from when Ludger Mintrop, John Karcher and Henry Salvatori started things rolling commercially in the early part of the last century. We now have far more dense geophone and hydrophone arrays, a variety of energy sources that we are still exploring optimum parameters for and software that shows us how many variations of parameters can produce even more variations in fold of data and optimum angles of energy paths.

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The commercial implications of operational methodology and asset deployment are becoming increasingly large and the expectations of consultant support as Client Site Representatives is increasingly diverse and critical. A combination of technical knowledge, operational experience, commercial understanding, social responsibility and strong team management skills can be required. However, one thing remains constant: A DoodleBugger has to be able to put his boots on the ground and work whatever hours are necessary to achieve. It cannot be done from an office.