Support for Industry

The IOGP, IAGC, CAGC and other trade associations have brokered exceptional guidelines for the geophysical industry.

Those guidelines still need to be mutually agreed between CONTRACTOR and CLIENT in the detailed specifics for each project. Benchmark consultants can apply their experience to assist "what if scenario", and commercial and operations risk assess a specific project relative to the terrain, weather, operations methodology and priorities. Loss and failure potential for all parties must be minimised and the planning and capability for recovery from failure made robust to protect the project budget models of all concerned.

From back when the IOGP was the “E&P Forum”, and the IAGC had a “Consultants committee”, Benchmark sponsored representation to:

  • The IAGC HSE Committee for many years;
  • The IOGP and IAGC joint HSE committee for many years;
  • The IOGP security committee as geophysical liaison for over 10 years
  • Numerous guidance document work groups and sub committees

 In addition Benchmark was a founding member of the International Energy Consultants Organisation (IECO) when that was formed as an independent association to replace the Consultant committee under the IAGC. Benchmark sponsored representation to:

  • Subcommittees to develop organisation standards and guidelines;
  • Chairman from 2010