International Scout Movement

Robert Baden - Powell, the founder of the Scout movement wrote in his book "Scouting for Boys":

 .....there is now a widespread brotherhood of Boy Scouts about the world numbering at present some 6,000,000 (1954) members, all working for the same ideal under the same promise and Law, all regarding each other as brothers, and getting to know each other through interchange of correspondence and personal visits on a considerable scale.

It needs no great imagination to foresee vast international possibilities as the outcome of this fast-growing brotherhood in the near future. This growing spirit of personal friendship and wide-minded goodwill among the future citizens of the nations behind it may not only give it that soul, but may prove a still stronger insurance against the danger of international war in the future. This may seem but a wild dream, but so would it have been a wild dream had anyone imagined forty years ago that this little book was going to result in a Brotherhood of over six million Boys Scouts today and a corresponding sisterhood of some three and a quarter million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. 

Unfortunately no imagination is required at all to know that we are a long way from his hopes for the future. That makes it no less a fine and desirable aspiration; one that we should still believe in and strive for.

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