The energy mix into the future will diversify bringing longer term certainty for the support of our growing population and better protection for our planet. Global energy requirements are increasing and the diversification of the energy mix will not exclude or significantly reduce any specific source of energy in the near or midterm. Renewable energy will be the future of our existance on this planet and our thoughts and comment can be found in the SERVICES tab on this web site.

Energy exploration and development requires knowledge and experience outside the comfort zone of most people. It always has and will continue to do so. Benchmark specialise in energy exploration and providing specialists who have been there and know how to plan, organise and execute exploration operations with optimum oversight of contractor operations, personnel and performance.

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No matter how good your contractor, independent verification is a significant reassurance and essential for due diligence. Technical quality of operations, management integrity, safety and environmental best practice are the very best investment for commercial success.

Benchmark provides career experienced consultants capable of assisting with design and preparation of projects and QCQA oversight of the full life of the operations and delivery of product. Scouting, planning, contractor selection, parameters, parameter testing, Project Manager, Operations Geophysicist, Acquisition QC, Positioning QC, Health and Safety QC, Environment QC, MMO, PAM, PSO, ERW QC, Security, Data Processing QC, Data Interpreter.