The quality of training that has been provided within the geophysical industry has been excellent and is improving still. The development of quality and management systems in the geophysical industry has been equally impressive. However, the integrity of application of those systems can vary. 

Benchmark Consultants offer their own specialisation(s) supported by the benefit of the industry training and knowledge of those management systems, often the result of being involved in developing them. They are able to judge where systems are robust and reliable, or where they need support and encouragement.



    • Seismic survey planning
    • Data acquisition
    • Positioning
    • Data processing
    • Operations
    • Health and Safety
    • Environment
    • Electrical & mechanical Engineering (Land & Marine)

Experience and investment

Benchmark personnel include university graduates who have made the geophysical industry their career; operations personnel who now want to use their acquired experience in a broader field; and some of the oldest stalwarts of the industry who are still keen to maintain its high standards and also coach those who will take their places.

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