About Us

Benchmark provides personnel to field operations,  local office and management centres for Geophysical Exploration and Production activities worldwide.

The focus of all our services is good Project Management and consistent application of industry best practices including adequate front end loading - Profit Enhancing Activities.

Estimations of the losses attributable to inadequate project planning and preparation varies between industries and nations but there are three common agreements:

  • These losses run in billions of dollars.
  • These losses do not get accurately identified in the vast majority of cases unless there is failure.
  • These losses can be prevented by a continuous system of establishing good working practices, monitoring and review.

The losses specifically attributable to inefficient data acquisition, positioning errors, poor data integrity and not utilising data run into vast sums and are well known.

Preventable losses are not restricted to commercial, production and technical objectives related to shallow gas or other hazards. The Geophysical Industry has had its share of fatalities, including the Arctic Explorer on the 3rd of July in 1981 with 13 lives lost; through deaths from explosions, drowning, aircraft crashes and RTA's continuing right through to this day. Some are still not recorded or acknowledged but their cost is still no less.

The Geophysical Industry has had significant material losses and these also continue to this day including two flagship seismic vessels lost during the early years of this century. In hindsight the root causes of all could have been identified, challenged, removed or mitigated.

Let us help you improve and protect your profits and make the industry a better one to work in without taking the fun out of it.